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We have focused on developing the key features needed by our customers. Below you will find our comprehensive list to seamlessly enable business communications.
Mobile Integration
Mobile Integration
Integrate your mobile devices with
the Cytracom Find-Me feature, which enables you to detect the type of call
ringing and respond as you see fit. Plus, receive voicemails through your
mobile email client!
Centralized Device Management
Centralized Device Management
Administer all your devices from a single point: the Cytracom portal. This feature saves you time and eliminates the need to access each phone individually to make most changes. And with templates, you can perform a complete device setup in less than 3 minutes.
Call Center
Call Center Functionality
Efficiently add up to 2,500 users to our scalable call center module. Includes queues with the ability to set specific ringing strategies, agent monitoring / barging, and much more. Need a unique setup? Our team can configure complex rules to create the perfect solutions for your business.
Super Advanced Reporting
Advanced Reporting
Drill down and gain access to precise data with Insights, our powerful reporting feature. Create reports easily using filters such as phone number dialed and system user, or let our system provide you with a graph of your data based on your filter and
search settings.
Park Presence
Park Presence
Share a “line” with other users as you would using an old key system. Rather than transferring a call to an extension that may be busy, this feature allows you to park a call to a shared physical key that shows the presence of a caller to other users in the office.
Call Recording
Call Recording
Use this feature to record calls by
phone number, ring group, or call queue. Activate scheduling, setup file retention policies, and choose to have files automatically transferred to your
server. Listen to call recordings in the Cytracom portal 24/7 anywhere you have
access to the internet.
Voicemail to Email/SMS
Auto Attendant
Direct Inward Dialing
Web Portal Interface
Dial-by-Name Directory
Call Conferencing
Extension Mapping
SoftPhone Support
Holiday Routing
Ring or “Hunt” Groups
Call Queues and Agents
Reporting and Analytics
Custom Hold Music
Cloud Extensions
Find Me
Call Activity Filtering
Adv. Call Management
Custom Caller ID Tagging
Presence Indicators
Incoming Call Blocking
Time Frames
Conference Bridging
Component Forwarding