Partner Promo Terms & Conditions

Last Modified: October 14, 2020

  • No cap.
  • No existing customers. Must be a net new customers to Cytracom.
  • If margins on MRR/NRC and/or equipment are reduced to win the deal, Cytracom reserves the right to reduce or deny promo payout to customers.
  • Not to be combined with any other spiff or bonus program.
    MSP Partner must be in good standing with the Cytracom program and meet all program requirements at the time the promotion is applied.
  • MSP Partner does not receive commission from Cytracom during free months.
    Cytracom reserves the right to amend or terminate this promotion, in whole or in part, at any time without notice.
  • Cytracom reserves the right to recover any sales incentives based on cancellation, termination, misrepresentation, or abuse.
  • Cytracom reserves the right to alter, modify, change, supplement or eliminate the Terms and Conditions.