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Will Cramer

Peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese, and the list goes on.  What is the list?  Good things that go together. Two other things that go well together are your phone and computer.  

Cliq 2.0 provides the seamless integration of your Cytracom phone system and your Windows™ computer to enhance productivity while you are at your desk. You can efficiently multitask  - going from spreadsheets and documents to quickly catching up on voicemails, call history, and more - without your eyes ever leaving the computer screen. Cliq makes your phone system smarter by integrating your key communications systems - and helps your employees become more efficient.

We have totally redesigned the Cliq architecture to enhance the performance and build a foundation for future functionality. Also, we added our new voicemail to text features to allow you to read your messages right in the Cliq window.

If you take a call and need to transfer to a colleague, forget about looking for a list of extensions or pressing buttons on your phone. Simply locate the user on the Cliq interface and either transfer the call or send to voicemail. It all happens at the speed of a mouse click!

The image below illustrates the Cliq interface and highlights key features of the solution followed by a more detailed list of the features and functionality.

Users - shows the list of all internal extensions at the company. You can quickly scan for a user status:

  • Green - Available
  • Red - Off hook/on-a-call
  • Yellow - Ringing
  • Gray - Device unregistered/disconnected

You can call a user on the list by selecting a name and clicking on the phone icon.

You can also search for a user by name, extension or location. For outbound calls, you can enter the 10-digit number and press enter to call.

  • Call History - provides a detailed list of all call history from your phone. Details include caller ID, phone number, inbound or outbound call, and date and time of call. The red bubble indicates the number of missed calls.
  • Voicemail - lists all your voicemails. You have the option to click to listen to the message or quickly scan the content with our voicemail to text feature. The red bubble indicates the number of unread voicemails.
  • Call Queues - allows you to see pending callers and hold times across all queues. Note: This tab is only visible if the account uses call center functionality and has queues enabled.  
  • Transfer or send to Voicemail - enables you to take a call and then route to another user as either an attended transfer, blind transfer, or direct send to voicemail.

Get Cliq 2.0 today!

*Be sure to download and install using either Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer.

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