Highlights from the Event

App Marketplace

Access the apps you need when you need them. Gain the power of your apps to get the rich data and information you need when calling or messaging your customers. Simply log in, and everything is pre-configured and ready to go.

Available: Now

Cytracom Desktop

Cytracom Desktop is all new and better than ever.  In addition to in-app calling, you can now fax and monitor your call center groups in one view. You can also access the App Marketplace now from the desktop.

Available: Now

Partner Portal

Partners can update their profile with logo and contact information to deliver branded collateral to customers. Additionally, partners can update their ePayment information, connect to their PSA and more.

Available: Now

Business Text Messaging Shared Numbers

Customers can pool users into the same messaging group to interact with incoming SMS messages.  Now a group within a company can easily interact with customers via text messaging.

Available: Fall 2020


Activate  enables a quick and easy onboarding for customers. Customers can change their orders on the fly, set up custom shipping, configure e911, port numbers, submit bulk uploads, complete add-on orders, enjoy self-serve number ordering, and easily set up users.

Available: Fall 2020

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