AIM for Deeper Insights (Part 3 of a Series)

Dig into a core tenant of our Voice Continuity Suite: Active Intelligence Monitoring for deep insight into the health of your customers' phone service.

Zane Conkle
August 2, 2018

This year, we have been laser-focused on partner enablement at Cytracom. We always ask ourselves, what can we do to make it simpler for our partners to sell VoIP?  How can it be seamless and easy for both our partners and end-users to deploy, use and maintain their phone systems?  

With our launch of Ivie and Voice Continuity earlier this year, we delivered a new solution that moves VoIP beyond just a voice service.  Now, our partners can present a complete business continuity offering—voice, data and email. This enables our partners to change the conversation to focus on business, not just technology (or voice). Part one and two of this blog series covers these topics in deeper detail.

Today, I want to discuss the second piece of our Voice Continuity bundle: Active Intelligence Monitoring. This interactive analytics dashboard gives partners a snapshot of the collective health of their voice customers, as well as the ability to drill down to individual end-user performance. With Active Intelligence Monitoring, Cytracom delivers better visibility, more control, and deeper insight to partners.

Better Visibility

Combined with our new partner portal, Active Intelligence Monitoring gives partners a window into the health and performance of their customers’ voice services. At the highest level, the partner dashboard gives partners a quick view of the overall status and identifies any customers that may be experiencing an issue.

In the example widget below, a partner can quickly see that the real-time call quality across all customer accounts is good.

However, in the Voice Continuity widget below, the partner can also quickly detect that one customer experienced a triggered policy 7 days ago and four other customers do not have policies in place at all. A click will take you directly to the PBX settings for Voice Continuity.

More Control

With the new Cytracom Portal, partners get a single-pane-of-glass view of all customer accounts. What is the overall call quality that they are experiencing?  Are there any customers with poor call quality? This information can be gathered on the customer list screen. Where there are anomalies or poor quality reports, partners can quickly drill into the customer and user levels to diagnose and remedy the situation.

Deep Insight

On the customer-account level, Active Intelligence Monitoring provides detailed bar and scatter charts to really get a peek under the hood of customers’ VoIP performance. You can filter by e911 location or user. Spot trends, identify trouble spots, and react quickly. Deeper insight enables partners to leverage rich data to provide a positive customer experience. Watch the video below to see the dashboard in action.

This first release of Active Intelligence Monitoring scratches the surface on the capabilities planned for this impactful Voice Continuity application. Future releases will include features like advanced report generation, real-time alerts, and even proactive recommendations when issues arise.