Engage Customers through Text with Business Messaging

You’d prefer to call and send an email. Your customers prefer to text. Are you missing an opportunity? You can effortlessly engage customers through text with Cytracom Business Messaging.

85% of Consumers Want the Ability to Send and Receive Texts with Businesses

Text Message from your Business Extension

You can do more than call your customers from your business extension - you can text. With both SMS and MMS support, share more than your two cents - send pictures, videos, documents, and more.

Connect Your Teams and Customers Through Text

Group Texts

You already know how group texting works – you use it every day. You can do it through your business number to keep in touch with your internal teams, and external customers, partners, and vendors.


Want to set up a conversation thread for just your internal teams? Create a Room where you can communicate and collaborate for frequent conversations.

Connect Business Teams with Customers Through Text