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Our Capabilities

Directly support the needs of your clients.

ControlOne's unified platform provides support and optimal flexibility
Security and Access
Keep control of who has access to different data items and know your redundant system is enhanced for reliability.
Global Policies

Managed users are now always on the virtual corporate network, secured by unified global security policies, with an experience that is transparent to end users.

Fine-Grained Access Control

Control who can access particular data. Compared to generalized data access control, fine-grained access control uses more nuanced and variable methods for allowing access by giving each item of data its own specified policy for access.

Bridge Inventory Concept

Cold Spare: In the event your software is unavailable for any reason, the hardware component is right there onsite to support the temporary absence of the software and minimize any downtime.

End User Satisfaction is Key
Be confident in working with clients through quick deployment, seamless integration, and efficient access to necessary systems and machines.

Select which managed LAN zone your machine is a member of at any given time. With teleport enabled, the software agent running on your machine shows your current network with an option to “teleport” to any zone of any client network.

Updates and Upgrades on your Terms

No firmware to update. Any system updates will happen on your schedule outside of business hours. With simplified licensing and no contracts, integration is seamless.

Deployed through your current RMM

Hassle-free rapid and silent deployment. This approach removes any potential for disruption to users and won’t overwhelm support desks.

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