Use Cases

Eliminate VPNs

Switch to the always-on, identity-based, zero-trust network access (ZTNA) solution.
New-age Security

A remote access solution built for the modern workforce.

ControlOne provides a zero-trust, secure access solution that eliminates legacy VPNs and addresses the challenge of securely connecting hybrid and remote IT environments.
ControlOne delivers always-on connectivity and prevents lateral attack vulnerabilities, ensuring every user, device, and application is protected, no matter where employees work.
Key advantages

Benefits of using ControlOne

Seamless and transparent user experience
Deploy an always-on, lightweight client that gives users access to all of their applications and data without the hassles of connecting and reconnecting to VPN gateways.
Zero Trust Network Access and Device Posture
Provide compliant devices and authorized users access to specific applications – not the entire network – and protect private data and other network assets from malicious insiders and compromised accounts.
Connect directly to public cloud networks and applications
Connect users directly to applications and data hosted in the public cloud or private data centers. Cloud Connectors provides an elegant and low-latency experience for users accessing remote applications and data.
Phase out legacy VPN appliances
Eliminate the need for legacy VPN hardware and pave the way for a cloud-first security architecture. Say goodbye to the expenses of capital investment, refresh cycles and ongoing management costs associated with VPN appliances.
Public Wi-Fi Protection
Eliminate lateral attack vulnerabilities and proactively protect your users, whether they’re traveling for business or working from the local coffee shop.
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