Compliance Enforcement & Reporting

Our Capabilities

Meet Your Security Challenges Head-On

Enforce compliance to meet insurance and regulatory requirements with ease using conditional access at the device level and zero-trust network access. Verify compliance with powerful reporting.
Monitor with a Full View
Intuitive reporting delivers unparalleled visibility across the entire network and security stack.
Contextual Data Insight

Data without context is useless, so obtaining a broader view of your environment is necessary. With ControlOne, your view includes metrics, logs, device-level detail, asset relationships, as well as network session data and a full topological view of the network - all in context.

  • SIEM Export: ControlOne can provide real-time sync of reporting data to an external SIEM
Enriched Event Attribution

Capture metadata from every network session, every device and every user at all times. Troubleshoot or investigate session data to quickly determine the root cause of any event.

Administrative Change & Audit Log

Record all system and user security platform changes in an immutable store meeting compliance and forensic requirements.

Extended Data Retention & Full Audit History

Full data logging captures every administrative change, session, user activity, blocked threats and all data traffic, making it a breeze to investigate historic events.

Actionable Intelligence
Identify threats with speed, and take action on any offending event.
Visibility is Power
  • Total visibility of every network session, across all endpoints - including where, when and how an event took place.
  • Monitor device health, access and user activity for easy auditing and compliance management.
Cut the Noise

Easily filter, analyze, and monitor logs using automatically applied facets, such as user, device zone or application.

Alert and Remediate Immediately

Gain insight into network activity from every user and every device - at all times, no matter their physical location - and experience a consolidated view of network traffic and security sensors that enables end-to-end situational awareness that transcends the physical location of networks and users.

Zero Trust Network Access
Users can connect, communicate and collaborate regardless of time or place.
  • Managed networks based on user, not by machine
  • Stop depending on IP addresses.Limit access to a single IP address shared by authorized users.
Always Secured, Always Connected

Work seamlessly across any location or time zone. Users are always connected and secured with no option to disconnect and a passwordless experience.

Azure AD Integration

Azure AD integrates with ControlOne for streamlined identity management, making setup and usage simple. This integration facilitates seamless agent deployment via RMM, eliminating the need for user involvement. Enable passwordless remote connectivity, ensuring reliable and secure access from any location

Unauthorized Hardware is Blocked
  • Leverage conditional access at the device level to stop insecure devices from connecting to your trusted network. You make the rules, ControlOne enforces them.
  • Role-based user access provides the ultimate flexibility for management for MSPs and co-managed environments.
Implement Least Privilege Access

Protect corporate resources like SaaS applications, cloud environments, and on-prem services, with fine-grained access policies based on zones, user, location, and device.

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