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Always-On Connectivity & Security

Implement a solution including both hardware and software that makes complex routes simple with infinite scaling capabilities and a closed network - including cloud resources - that’s agnostic to the physical location of users.
Identity-based networking
Managed networks based on user, not by device
Manage Network Access by Identity
Identity & Context-Based Policies
  • Stop depending on IP addresses. Use a verified-user and device identity to manage network access. Govern access to network resources based on user profiles and location.
  • Limit access to a single IP address shared by authorized users.
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Connect Anywhere, Anytime
The user can connect universally
Workplace Freedom with ControlOne

The modern workplace is no longer defined. With ControlOne, users can connect from home, the office, or wherever their workplace needs are.

Entra ID Integration
Keep your users always secured, always connected
Passwordless, Always-On Connectivity

Deliver a passwordless experience to customers for remote connectivity—no passwords and nothing to connect or disconnect. It just works, reliably and securely from anywhere.

Entra ID, formerly Azure AD

Entra ID integrates with ControlOne for streamlined identity management, making setup and usage simple. Additionally, this integration facilitates seamless agent deployment via RMM, eliminating the need for user involvement. Enable passwordless remote connectivity, ensuring reliable and secure access from any location.

Unauthorized Hardware Protection
Prevent unauthorized hardware from accessing the corporate network
Block non-Compliant Devices

Leverage Device Posture rules to stop unsecure and unauthorized devices from connecting to your trusted network. You make the rules, ControlOne enforces them.

Granular Management of Administrative Access

Role-based user access provides the ultimate flexibility for management, both for MSP engineers as well as co-managed environments.

Implement least privilege access
Enforce least privilege access to sensitive data based on your policy preferences
Enhanced Resource Protection

Protect corporate resources like SaaS applications, cloud environments, and on-prem services, with fine-grained access policies based on zones, user, location, and device.

Least-privileged access, less administrative pain.
  • Adopt Zero Trust Network Access with ease, using point-and-click user and application onboarding, to reduce the attack surface and prevent lateral movement of threats.
  • Provide compliant devices and authorized users access to specific applications – not the entire network – and protect private data and other network assets from malicious insiders and compromised accounts.
Manage Policies, not Products

One policy for all security sensors across all your devices, users, applications and sites.

Achieve & enforce compliance
Continuously enforce network security policies, prevent configuration drift, and ensure third-party compliance
Data with Context
  • With ControlOne, your view includes metrics, logs, device-level detail, asset relationships, as well as network session data and a full topological view of the network.
  • SIEM Export: ControlOne can provide real-time sync of reporting data to an external SIEM
Incident & Event Attribution

Capture metadata from every network session, every device and every user at all times.

Administrative Change & Audit Log

Record all system and user security platform changes in an immutable store meeting compliance and forensic requirements.

Extended Data Retention & Full Audit History

Full data logging captures every administrative change, session, user activity, blocked threats and all data traffic, making it a breeze to investigate historic events.

Visibility is Power

Enriched event attribution and intuitive reporting deliver unparalleled visibility across the entire network and security stack.

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