Zero Trust Security

Zero Trust, 100% Confidence

Reduce your attack surface with Zero-Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and Device Posture Check (DPC).
New Feature

Passwordless, Always-On Connectivity

The agent delivers a passwordless experience to customers for remote connectivity—no passwords and nothing to connect or disconnect. It just works, reliably and securely from anywhere.

Zero Trust Network Access

Shift your defenses towards a challenge-everything security model to manage access to data, applications and environments.

Device Posture Check

Ensure that any device not meeting your pre-defined standards is denied access to the trusted corporate network or quarantined — while any device that meets the standard is granted access. Enable limited access to quarantined devices to support remote investigation and remediation.


Create network segments to manage internal access to applications. Segmentation hardens the network, enabling breach containment and strengthening regulatory compliance.

Identity Based Access Control

Govern access to network resources based on user profiles and location.

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Hardware or software, two users or thousands of users. ControlOne adapts to fit your needs today and support your growth tomorrow.
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