Use Cases

Take Control of the Cloud

Eliminate security blind spots in your public and private cloud environments
New-age Security

A security approach built for the modern cloud

ControlOne provides unrivaled visibility and control, allowing you to detect threats and protect users accessing cloud services and applications.
ControlOne enforces a zero-trust approach to cloud access, allowing you to select which users and devices should have access to applications running in the cloud.
Key advantages

Benefits of using ControlOne

Unify on-premises, hybrid, and cloud infrastructure
Use Cloud Connectors to simplify network management and unite public cloud (Azure, AWS, GCP) and corporate resources. This integration allows seamless and secure connectivity between users, devices, and sites—regardless of location.
Connect directly to public cloud networks and applications
Gain fast and secure access to the cloud by connecting users directly to applications and data, bypassing the chokepoints associated with traditional location-centric networks.
Restrict unmanaged cloud apps and shadow IT
Gain visibility and control into the use of cloud applications while also implementing policy-based controls to block or limit access to unauthorized or unapproved services.
Protect applications with Identity-based access control
Prevent unauthorized access to applications and data by implementing zero-trust network policies, allowing only approved users and compliant devices. For public applications, limit access to a single IP address shared by authorized users.
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