Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Last Modified: August 9th, 2019

Cytracom LLC (‚ÄúCytracom‚ÄĚ) provides enterprise-grade VoIP businesscommunications services (‚ÄúServices‚ÄĚ) through a network of third party resellers(‚ÄúResellers‚ÄĚ), and operates online websites at¬†¬†and¬† as well as mobile and web applications,integrations, and plugins¬†(collectively, the ‚ÄúSites‚ÄĚ) to provideinformation about the Services and to identify purchasers of the Services(‚ÄúCustomers‚ÄĚ) as well as potential purchasers of the Services and to introducethem to Resellers. Cytracom respects the privacy of others.

This Privacy Policy (‚ÄúPolicy‚ÄĚ) covers howCytracom treats personal information that Cytracom receives, tracks or collectsin connection with your visit, access, or use of one or both of the Sites(whether as a Customer, Reseller, visitor, or otherwise) (collectively, ‚Äúyou‚ÄĚ or‚Äúyour‚ÄĚ).This Policy tells you, among other things, what information we gatherfrom you through one or both of our Sites, how we may use or disclose thatinformation, how to review or edit it, and our efforts to protect it. Pleaseread this Policy carefully. By visiting, accessing, or using the Sites, you areautomatically accepting and agreeing to the most-recent version of this PrivacyPolicy, as well as the Sites‚Äô Terms of Use. Customers and Resellers of Cytracommay be subject to additional contractual obligations regarding use of the Sitesand/or the Services set forth in additional agreements. Among other things, youconsent to the collection, tracking and use of your personal information asoutlined in this Policy, as such Policy may be amended from time to time. Anycapitalized terms not defined herein shall have the meaning provided in theSites‚Äô Terms of Use.

You agree not toaccess the Sites from a jurisdiction which has data and personally identifiableinformation protection requirements that are greater than those providedherein.

Notice of InformationWe Collect or Track.

We may collect or track the followinginformation: Name (first, last, and/or middle) and unique identifiers (e.g.,username); Login information for the Sites (e.g., username, password, securityquestions and answers); Home or personal contact information (e.g., mailingaddress, e-mail address, telephone number, facsimile number); Business contactinformation (e.g., company, title, mailing address, e-mail address, telephonenumber, facsimile number, tax ID number); Information about your businesscommunication needs or preferences; Gender; Date of birth; Electronicsignature; Billing or payment information (e.g., payor or payee name, checkingaccount number, credit card number, expiration date, verification code,accountholder name, cardholder name, billing address, mailing address, tax IDnumber); Computer, mobile device, and/or web browser information (e.g., IPaddress, mobile device ID information, operating system, browser type,referring/exist web pages, web page requests, cookie information, hardwareattributes, software attributes); Third-party website, network, platform,server, and/or application information (e.g., Facebook, Twitter); Usageactivity concerning your interactions with the Sites and/or third-partywebsites, networks, platforms, servers, or applications accessed through theSites (e.g., number of clicks on a page or feature, amount of time spent on apage or feature, identity of third-party websites, networks, platforms,servers, applications being access through the Sites); Transactionalinformation, including but not limited to offers, orders, pricing, payments,purchaser, seller, item information, comments, ratings, feedback and instantmessages, and/or other communications made within the Site; Information setforth in the Sites’ online account registration, member profile, and/or memberdirectory forms completed by you; Information about content you submit to orpublish on or through the Sites; Personal correspondence, such as an email orletter, which may be collected into a file specific to you.

We may collect and receive information aboutyou from other sources, such as our business partners, Resellers, third partyintegrations and plug-ins, or from individuals who refer you to us.  We may add this information to otherinformation we collect from you. For example, if you use any portion of ourServices, such as the Office 365 plugin, that interact with a third partyapplication, such as Microsoft Outlook, we may receive information (includingphone numbers) from such third party. In such case, we may also share yourinformation with such third parties.

If you provide information directly to us inother ways, such as by sending us an email, we may retain that information andadd it with the other information we have collected from you.

Do Not Track Signals. WE DO NOT RESPOND TO ‚ÄúDONOT TRACK‚ÄĚ SIGNALS. Some third party sites who push content to our Site may keeptrack of your browsing activities over time and across different websites whenthey serve you content, which enables them to tailor what they present to you.

Information Collected, Tracked or Analyzed byThird Parties. We may permit advertisers or other partners, including Resellers,to collect information from the Sites. We may also utilize third parties toanalyze data collected from the Sites. We may permit third parties to collectpersonally identifiable information over time and across different websites. Ifyou use your mobile device to visit, access, or use the Sites, then additionalcategories of personal and non-personal information collected from you throughthe Sites might include: Your name associated with your mobile device; Yourtelephone number associated with your mobile device; Your geolocation; Yourmobile device ID information; With your express agreement, your mobile contactsand/or contact information (e.g., names, telephone numbers, physical addresses,e-mail addresses, photos); and/or With your express agreement, informationabout third-party software applications on your mobile device (including,without limitation, general software apps, and online social media apps).

Notice of How We UseCollected/Tracked Information.

We use the information we collect or trackabout you to: Assess your website’s suitability; Operate, maintain, and provideto you the Sites, as well as the features and functionality of the Services andthe Sites; Help you quickly find information and prevent you from having toenter information more than once; Improve the quality and design of theServices and the Sites; Provide customized content and services, includingwithout limitation potential collaborations, advertising and promotionalinformation, such as targeted ads; Diagnose problems with the Services and theSites; Create new features, functionality, and services; Communicate with you; Providecustomer support; Provide reports and other data to Resellers that may identifyyou and include data about you; Perform research and analysis on your use ofthe Services and the Sites; Manage your account; Protect the security andintegrity of the Services and the Sites, as well as the property, rights andpersonal safety of Cytracom, our users or others; Send you marketing,promotional communications, upgrades and special offers related to our servicesand for other marketing purposes of ours; and Enforce the Terms of Use, thisPolicy and any other agreements you have entered into with Cytracom.

We may also use your information to fulfilother legitimate purposes permitted by applicable law;

Notice of Disclosureof Collected / Tracked Information.

Information from the Services, includingConsumer Data. We may provide information about you and your business,including aggregated consumer data, to our affiliates and other businesses orindividuals, including our Resellers, and web developers. We may also shareaggregated non-personally identifiable information publicly. We may createnon-personally identifying anonymous or aggregate data from the information wecollect and information provided by third parties. We may use that anonymous oraggregate data for our own purposes or disclose it to third parties in our owndiscretion.

Legal Compliance. Cytracom will cooperate withlaw enforcement inquiries, other government agency inquiries and requests, andcriminal or civil subpoenas. Cytracom will also disclose your personalinformation when necessary to comply with state and federal laws and regulations.

Sale or Other Transfer. As we develop ourbusiness, we may buy or sell some or all of our assets and, depending on thetransaction, the data collected from you and other Resellers and Customers maybe one of the transferred assets. Similarly, if Cytracom should ever merge withor be acquired by another company, we may share the data collected from you andothers with any entity resulting from such transaction and if Cytracom shouldever file for bankruptcy, the bankruptcy trustee has the right to sell theinformation you provide to us to a third party. We may also share yourinformation with any corporate affiliates.

Disclaimer. We cannot ensure that all of yourprivate communications and other personal information will never be disclosedin ways not otherwise described in this Policy. By way of example (withoutlimiting the foregoing), we may be required to disclose personal information tothe government or third parties under certain circumstances, or third partiesmay unlawfully intercept or access transmission of private communications.
State Specific Disclosures.

For California residents: Under CaliforniaCivil Code Section 1798.83, if you are a California resident and Cytracom hasan established business relationship with you, you may have the right torequest information from Cytracom, free of charge, regarding the manner inwhich Cytracom shares certain categories of personal information with thirdparties (whether collected online or offline), for the third parties’ directmarketing purposes. California law provides that you have the right to submit arequest to Cytracom at its designated address and receive the followinginformation: 1) the categories of information Cytracom disclosed to thirdparties for the third parties’ direct marketing purposes during the precedingcalendar year; 2) the names and addresses of third parties that received suchinformation; and 3) if the nature of a third party’s business cannot bereasonably determined from the third party’s name, examples of the products orservices marketed, subject to certain exceptions. You are entitled to receive acopy of this information in a standardized format and the information will notbe specific to you individually. For purposes of this paragraph:
‚ÄúCytracom‚ÄĚ means Cytracom and the Sites, and ‚ÄúThird Party‚ÄĚ means: a businessthat is outside the Cytracom family, and affiliates of Cytracom. You willnotice that the ‚Äúthird parties‚ÄĚ listed in this notice may include Cytracomaffiliates. These affiliates are listed as ‚Äúthird parties‚ÄĚ because, underSection 1798.83, any business that is a separate legal entity must be listed asa ‚Äúthird party.‚ÄĚ
This same California law permits Cytracom to provide you, in response to yourwritten request, with a cost-free means to choose not to have your informationshared rather than providing the above described information. Cytracom’sdesignated email address for such requests is You may alsorequest this information by writing to: Cytracom LLC, 450 Century Parkway,Allen, TX 75013. Additionally, you may request that Cytracom not share yourpersonal information with third parties for their direct marketing use byfollowing the Choice/Opt Out procedures outlined below.

Changes to personalinformation.

If your personal information changes, you maycorrect or update it by contacting us.

Abuse of Terms of UseAgreement.

You authorize us to disclose any informationabout you with our attorneys, law enforcement, or other government officials aswe, in our sole discretion, believe necessary or appropriate, in connectionwith an investigation of fraud, intellectual property infringements, violationof obligations to us under our Terms of Use Agreement or any other agreement orpolicy, or other illegal or harassing activity.

Cookies and OtherTracking Technologies.

We may use cookies, log files, clear gifs, webbeacons, scripts and other tracking technology. We may use these technologiesin a variety of ways, including but not limited to:
Collect device information from individuals who visit the Sites, which permitgeneration of device fingerprints and cross-device consumer profiles; Trackingcontacts for Resellers; Facilitating referrals to Resellers; Rememberinginformation so that you will not have to re-enter it during your visit or thenext time you visit the Sites; Keeping count of return visits to the Sites; Accumulatingand reporting statistical information on usage of the Sites; Determining whichfeatures users like best; Assessing the popularity and effectiveness of theSites; Determining whether and when an email was opened; and Improving ourSites and Services and creating new services. You can refuse cookies by turningthem off in your browser. However, if you turn off cookies, then you may not beable to utilize certain features of the Sites and Services. Turning off and/ordeleting cookies does not affect other tracking technologies, such as devicefingerprinting.
This Privacy Policy covers the use of cookies and other trackingtechnologies by these Sites only.

You agree Cytracom is not liable for the content or use of personalinformation by third parties, including, without limitation, Resellers,and including their use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Users andreaders of Reseller websites and applications should consult the privacypolicies and terms of use for those individual websites.

By agreeing to the terms of this Policy and by accessing and using the Sites,you consent to the cookies and other tracking technologies referenced above. Inorder for you to be a registered and active Customer or Reseller and to haveaccess to the Cytracom portal, you must agree to accept cookies and othertracking technologies.

Links. The Sites may contain links to or integrationswith third party sites, applications, or plug-ins, including advertisers.However, please be aware that Cytracom is not responsible for and cannotcontrol the terms of use or privacy policies of such other sites or services.We encourage you to be aware when you leave the Sites, and to read the applicableagreements for each and every site or application. The Policy applies solely tothe Sites. Cytracom is not responsible for and makes no representations orwarranties regarding links, including without limitation, the content,accuracy, opinions, functionality, or services provided in such linked sites orapplications. Inclusion of any linked site or application on the Sites does notimply approval or endorsement by Cytracom.

Third-PartyApplications. Cytracom may, in itssole discretion, provide Customers or Resellers with access to third-partyapplications or plug-ins which interface with Cytracom applications, the Sites,or the Services. Such applications are not endorsed by Cytracom. Use of suchapplications is voluntary and subject to the election by the user, in its solediscretion, to use any third party applications. Use at your own risk. Cytracommakes no representations or warranties regarding your use of any third partyapplications or the privacy or security of data or information provided tothird parties or their applications. You agree Cytracom has no liabilitywhatsoever for the third party applications, including, without limitation, thethird party use of personal information provided to third parties or throughthe applications, nor the use of cookies or other tracking technologies bythird parties or applications. Users of third party applications should consultthe privacy policies and terms of use for those individual applications.

Age Restrictions;Children’s Privacy. The Sites and theServices are not for use for anyone under the age of 13. By using the Sites,you verify that you are 13 or older and in compliance with this provision.Cytracom will not knowingly collect or use personal information from anyoneunder 13 years of age. If Cytracom obtains actual knowledge that it hasobtained and saved personal information about a child under the age of 13, thatpersonal information will be permanently deleted from our records.

Choice / Opt Out.

Cookies. You may be able to delete and/or turnoff cookies as your browser or device permits. Unless you block or controlcookies going forward, deleting cookies will only address cookies on yourdevice at that moment. If you disable cookies entirely, the Sites may notfunction properly. Please note that other tracking technologies, such as devicefingerprinting, are not stopped or impacted by turning off or deleting cookies.

Flash Cookies. Some newer versions of browserswill let you control and/or delete Flash cookies. If you use a browser or devicethat does not let you delete Flash cookies, then try Adobe’s Website StorageSettings. Similar to regular cookies, deleting Flash cookies will only addressthe Flash cookies on your device at that moment. Please note that othertracking technologies, such as device fingerprinting, are not stopped orimpacted by turning off or deleting Flash cookies.

Other Tracking Technologies. You may be ableto turn off and/or delete some scripting functionality as your browser ordevice permits. If you disable scripting functionality, the Sites may notfunction properly. Please note that other tracking technologies, such as devicefingerprinting, are not stopped or impacted by turning off some scriptfunctionality.
Opting Out from Interest-Based Ads: US residents may visit
/choicesto opt out of interest-based advertising by companies participating inthe DAA self-regulatory program and European Union residents may opt-out ofinterest-based advertising by companies participating in the Your browser must accept third-party cookiesbefore opting out.
Opting Out for Application Data: To opt out of interest-based advertising onmobile apps, US residents may download the DAA’s AppChoices application fromthe Android or Apple app store.
Opting Out for Location Data: You may opt out of precise location data by usingthe location services controls in your mobile device’s settings.
Opting out of push / local notifications: We may send push or localnotifications to your device to provide updates and relevant messages. You maybe able to manage notifications from the Sites or through your device.
Effect of Opting Out: You will need to renew your opt-out choice if you use adifferent device, use a different browser, or erase cookies from your browser.
Unsubscribing from emails: You may opt out at any time by using the Opt-Out orUnsubscribe option at the bottom of most of our mass email communications, orby contacting us through the \"Contact Us\" section of the Services.
Account: You may also choose to delete your account at any time, subject to anyadditional contractual arrangements between You and Cytracom.


To protect your privacy and security, we takereasonable steps (such as requesting a unique password) to verify your identitybefore creating your account. The user who created the account is responsiblefor maintaining the secrecy of their unique password and account information atall times.
We use what we believe to be appropriate procedures to protect informationagainst unauthorized access and disclosure. However, information you elect topost on our Sites, emails and other information you send to us are notencrypted and such transmissions cannot be considered a secure means oftransmitting sensitive information.
You should be aware of the limitations of security, authentication, encryption,and privacy measures used in connection with the Internet and that anyinformation you transmit through the Sites may be damaged, corrupted, ‚Äúsniffed‚ÄĚand/or accessed by another person without your permission. Regardless of theprecautions taken by you or by us, ‚Äúperfect security‚ÄĚ does not exist on theInternet. Third parties may unlawfully intercept or access transmissions orprivate communications, and other users may abuse or misuse your personalinformation that they collect from the Sites. Therefore, although we work veryhard to protect your privacy, we do not promise, and you should not expect,that your personal information or private communications will always remainprivate. We cannot ensure or warrant the ultimate security of any informationyou transmit.

File a Complaint.

If for some reason you believe Cytracom hasnot adhered to the principles of this Policy, please notify us

Changes to thisPolicy.

Cytracom may modify this Policy or any otherterms, such as the Terms of Use, at any time. You should review all applicableterms regularly. Cytracom will post notice of modifications at may also visit to review any revised terms of themodified Policy. All such changes will be binding on you 14 calendar days afterthey are initially posted at, unless you are a new user, inwhich case they are binding on you immediately.


Your information may be transferred to,processed on and/or stored on computers located outside of your state,province, country or other governmental jurisdiction where the privacy laws maynot be as protective as those in your jurisdiction. If you are located outsidethe U.S., Cytracom transfers data, including personal information, to the U.S.Your consent to this Privacy Policy represents your agreement to the transfer,processing and storage of such data.

Contact Us.

Any notices or communication sent to you byCytracom will be sent to your email address on file with Cytracom, which may beupdated by you in writing at any time. It is your responsibility for ensuringthat Cytracom has your current email address at all times. Any notice sent toyou via such email address by Cytracom shall be deemed given, received, andread by you, whether or not it actually is received and/or read.

Any notices or communications sent by you to Cytracom pursuant to this Policymust be in writing and sent to the address specified herein or such otheraddress as Cytracom may specify in writing.

All notices will be sent to:

Cytracom LLC
450 Century Parkway, Suite 100
Allen, TX 75013