VoIP Active Intelligence Monitoring

Cytracom sets a new standard of excellence for VoIP with its release of Active Intelligence Monitoring.

Noah Sessions
October 9, 2018

Simplifying voice continuity-as-a-service, Cytracom, a leading provider of cloud-based Voice over IP (VoIP), today announced its next wave of innovation: Active Intelligence Monitoring (AIM). Available to channel partners in North America, AIM provides interactive call quality analytics to help Managed Service Providers (MSPs) quickly detect and mitigate issues with their customers’ voice services. AIM is the latest solution powered by Cytracom’s Voice Intelligence Engine, Ivie.

“We’re seeing a steady increase in demand for cloud-based voice, as more businesses look to optimize variable costs by leveraging technologies such as VoIP,” said Michael Diamond, B2B technology analyst, The NPD Group. “VoIP is becoming a hallmark, and a growing and profitable opportunity for channel partners.”

AIM collects and displays a broad range of data in easy-to-understand graphics to help MSPs proactively address call quality issues. Built into the Cytracom’s partner portal, AIM provides a high-level overview of all customers’ status and enables MSPs to drill down to location- and extension-level call data. This data provides details into Quality of Service (QoS), latency, and overall network performance.

“Cytracom’s new Active Intelligence Monitoring makes customer data actionable and easy to view with the introduction of voice quality analytics,” said Kevin Damghani, Chief Partner Experience Engineer at ITPartners+, a Cytracom partner and successful MSP. “Voice continuity is a service promise customers expect, value and cannot do without in the digital economy. Cytracom is constantly innovating and investing in the technology and support we need to do what we do best.”

“By leveraging our intelligent VoIP solutions, MSPs gain a fast, profitable and effective way to differentiate the customer experience and ensure their clients stay connected 24/7,” said Zane Conkle, CEO and co-founder of Cytracom. “Our new Active Intelligence Monitoring empowers our channel partners with the data insights needed to effectively and efficiently manage and support their voice customers anywhere and anytime.”

AIM supports Cytracom’s Voice Continuity solution, which was released earlier this year. With Voice Continuity, partners can set automated failover policies that trigger when there is a disruption to Internet services. Now, AIM takes it a step further, providing the data to make decisions on improving services in real-time, before receiving customers’ trouble tickets.

This release marks Cytracom’s first iteration of AIM, with enhanced functionality releases planned for the near future.