Developing a Winning Culture for your Business

In the workplace, a good culture is what keeps employees motivated and successful.

Noah Sessions
September 3, 2017

Do a search on “developing a winning culture” on Google and you will get well over a half million search results. There is a lot of great content and ideas for shaping your company culture. Culture is always hard to define. You hear about the great environments and culture at large companies like Google, Apple, and others. And at smaller startups you will see things like bring your cat to work day, make your own vacation plan, and a never-ending parade of other items that companies define as “culture”. With all the ideas out there, it can be overwhelming on where to start when you are thinking about your culture. It is usually not possible to replicate what others do, but it is a great idea to take these ideas and adjust them to work for your company.  

With our driving mission of “VoIP Made Simple”, we seek to make the entire process of buying, selling, and deploying our product simple, seamless, and enjoyable. As a key support structure of our purpose, we follow three key values when we work with our partners, end-users, and Cytracom teammates.  

  • Be a Good Steward - when you look up steward in the dictionary, you will see various examples, but the general idea is someone who tends to a property, financial affairs, or is generally responsible for helping others. In all dealings at Cytracom, whether within the company, with our valued partners, or with our end-user customers, we strive to make sure we do our best and provide the best service. We are responsible for the resources, relationships, and tasks to fulfill Cytracom’s mission.
  • Be Exceptional! - we hire people with a passion for serving our partners and end-users. They don’t settle for anything other than a first-rate solution when solving a problem.
  • Be a Team Player - our culture revolves around the collective team (employees, partners, and customers). We focus on listening and understanding first when dealing with other team members. It is key is to have a clear picture of what is needed, and then we can develop the strategy and tactics to get it done!

These values have stood the test of time, and we feel that they will be just as valuable in the future. They provide a roadmap to an outstanding VoIP product and great customer service.