eBook: Do Your Vendors Have Your Back?

Jeff Wilshire
April 14, 2021

As an IT service provider you no doubt partner with many vendors to provide the best technology products, solutions, and services for your customers. You’ve worked super hard to build your client base, and making the decision to partner with a new vendor is a BIG deal. Let’s face it, no matter how hard you evaluate and vet technology partners - it takes a leap of faith to initiate the relationship. Everything the vendor does, especially in the eyes of your customers, reflects on you. While you may be the indirect sales channel for the vendor, there is nothing “indirect” in what they do for you and your customers. 

Being all about the channel should infer that the vendor is 100% committed to you and your client’s success - period

From initial onboarding and sales assistance, to ongoing technical support, you should expect a lot from your partners. 

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