Hurricane Voice Continuity Planning

Learn how you can prepare your customers for a natural disaster and keep them up and running during the storm.

Noah Sessions
August 19, 2018

We are always tracking the latest developments related to Hurricanees and tropical storms. Our Texas-based team stands ready to support all partners and customers with 24x7 availability.

Cytracom’s hosted VoIP solution makes it simple to take a phone and move to another location when dealing with a hurricane or other natural disaster. Since the service is in the cloud and geographically redundant, we are able to maintain service anywhere you have power and Internet connectivity. If it is not possible to physically move the phones, you can easily use the Cytracom Mobile App or other softphone. You can find recommended softphones here along with configuration instructions.

Beyond the flexibility to move your phone or use our Mobile App, Cytracom’s Voice Continuity policies enable our partners and customers to proactively protect lines of communication in the event of an Internet outage. What do customers want to happen to the phones when the Internet goes down?  Do they need to switch calls to another branch office?  Do they want to redirect to the owner’s mobile phone?  Voice Continuity policies give total flexibility to redirect calls to any location specified by the customer.  Lasting storm damage further inland can also potentially disrupt power and Internet, so please don’t delay in setting up voice continuity policies. Learn how here.

Finally, don’t forget to review your customers’ overall business continuity plans and be prepared to put them into action.

Our team is standing by ready to provide support to our customers and partners in the region. Don’t hesitate to reach out anytime.