New Cytracom CISO Strengthens Security Posture; Announces Trust Center and 2023 Compliance Standards

Actioning the value channel partners place on security, trust and verification, CYTRACOM appoints CISO and shares team’s security and compliance achievements online and on demand

April 13, 2023

Dallas, TX – April 13, 2023 – Channel leader CYTRACOM is leading by example, announcing the hiring of CISO James Hill and the launch of the CYTRACOM Trust Center

"Hill's appointment builds on our strong, foundational security practices and will accelerate our success and the success of our partners," says CYTRACOM Co-founder and CEO Zane Conkle. "With the ever-evolving risks faced by MSPs and businesses, investing in security leadership and establishing a Trust Center that offers immediate access to learn about our security practices, view our compliance audits, and stay updated on the latest methods for securing customer environments demonstrates our unwavering dedication to protecting our partners. Our investment and commitment to security and compliance highlights why more MSP channel partners choose CYTRACOM.”

As CISO, Hill joins CYTRACOM with more than 20 years of experience operating at the intersection of business development, cybersecurity, people development, and technical expertise. His role is to ensure CYTRACOM and its employees are working securely, minimizing exposure and risk with an effective and sustainable cybersecurity strategy and program. Hill is also responsible for looking wide and deep to see what is coming and what the company and its channel partners should anticipate and be ready against. 

“Channel partners trust CYTRACOM with their own network security, as well as their clients, and with the industry’s cyber risk rising at a rapid clip, we have made the strategic decision to invest in a CISO,” says CYTRACOM COO John Tippett. “Hill’s proven knowledge of the MSP channel, combined with his in-depth experience in corporate and public sector risk assessments and processes, forensics, NIST framework and vulnerability management, align with our business and partners. His vision, talent, and immediate call for the Trust Center introduces another lens on security and new resources to help our partners successfully navigate the security challenges in today’s market. ”  

Developed at the request of their partners, the CYTRACOM Trust Center makes it easier for the company to communicate at scale with MSPs and share information in real-time about its own security and compliance posture, as well as the security posture of its products and solutions. In addition to fast-tracking partner trust, the new portal helps speed the sales cycle by eliminating security review friction and quickly providing access to compliance documentation. It also proactively notifies subscribed channel partners in real time of changes to CYTRACOM’s security and compliance status. 

“Taking the next step of bringing on board a well-qualified CISO and having a Trust Center shows MSPs how serious CYTRACOM is about security, transparency, and our success,” Jay Strickland, CISSP, Founder & CEO at WingSwept. “We appreciate CYTRACOM’s relentless focus on simplicity and security and would like to see more of our partners work to reduce risks by taking a security-by-design approach.” 

To request access to CYTRACOM’s new Trust Center click here. Channel partners on the road can engage the CYTRACOM team at the upcoming Robin Robins Bootcamp in Nashville, TN, April 11-14 and at Kaseya Connect Global in Las Vegas, April 24-27.  


Cytracom delivers infrastructure software purpose-built to empower managed service providers (MSPs) with cloud solutions that connect and secure both traditional and hybrid workforces. Our secure access service edge (SASE) solution provides identity-based network security and connectivity within a single platform that enables businesses to deploy zero-trust networks, enforce compliance and eliminate traditional firewalls and VPNs. Our unified communications suite (UCaaS) uniquely aligns with the operating needs of MSPs and enables their customers to experience seamless communication and collaboration regardless of physical location. Together, these solutions deliver a communications, security and networking platform that is exclusively available to Cytracom channel partners.