You Can Work at Home with your VoIP Phone?

With VoIP, picking your phone up and moving is easy.

Noah Sessions
December 5, 2016

Writing this blog from Plano, Texas on an overcast day. No snow in sight, and I think our two days of winter were last week! However, across North America, snow and winter weather can play havoc with businesses. Shutting down roads, schools, and making it nearly impossible for workers to make it to the office.

You can search the Internet to see many stories of multi-million dollar revenue losses due to snow and other inclement weather. Depending on your business, remote workers with phone access can help operations continue in the event of snow or bad weather to help reduce your losses.

VoIP service makes it easy to work at home on snow days (or for any other reason). There are a few ways to take your VoIP service on the road:

  • Softphone -- a softphone enables seamless VoIP calls on either a computer or mobile phone. You can find recommended softphones here along with configuration instructions.
  • Mirror your phone -- phone mirroring allows you to have two physical phones that share the same number. With a mirrored phone, you can have one at work and one at home.
  • Move your phone -- simply take home your desk phone and plug it into your home network with an RJ45 (Ethernet) cable.

Legacy phone systems don’t provide the flexibility or portability for remote workers. Upgrading to a VoIP solution can improve productivity and ensure work can continue when Mother Nature strikes!