Thanks for being an IT Superhero

Thank you to all the MSPs and IT providers across North America serving local businesses through the Covid-19 crisis.

Noah Sessions
March 26, 2020

Thank you to all the MSPs and IT providers across North America serving local businesses through the Covid-19 crisis. We think all you men and women are superheroes! This is an unprecedented time in world history and nobody knows when we will be back to normal or what may be a new normal. You are on the front line navigating this crisis to help your customers and prospects transition to new working environments. So thank you from our entire team.

Cytracom, as a channel-only company, has long held the belief the MSPs are critical for businesses to succeed with technology. These businesses are best served by their local, regional or national MSP who keeps their network running, makes sure the security is current, provides backup and supports help desk tickets. You are all filling an essential, and more than ever, a critical service.

With all of this uncertainty, we know many businesses are at a decision point.  They have to decide how to move employees home. They are asking themselves do I need all these employees? What are the next steps? Right now they need a superhero. Enter your MSP! MSPs are well-positioned to provide guidance and help companies transition through this uncertain territory.

To survive, businesses need to communicate. Email, voice services, and messaging. You are taking care of their needs with IT. We are here to support you and your customers with voice and messaging services. We have seen a huge uptick in businesses reaching out to us directly to get phone service. However, we do not sell direct, so we are sending those leads to our partners. If you are not a partner already, now is a great time to become a partner and add voice and messaging to your portfolio.  

Our goal is to help businesses Stay Connected. With the launch of our updated Cytracom Desktop App last week, we have a solution to make it easy for people to work remotely with an internet connection, laptop or desktop, and headphones.  No physical phone required! Beyond making phone calls, customers can also use business messaging, send faxes, and manage their call centers.

Sometimes a superhero needs a sidekick. Know that we are here to help you through this time. Please reach out. We can help you get your customer setup to work remote and stay connected.