The Cytracom Voice - November

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Pierce Brantley
November 29, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for reading the third volume of The Cytracom Voice! I hope you’re enjoying time with family and making good use of our Holiday Hours feature. November has been a month full of big pushes as we work hard to close out the year and deliver on our Simplifi promises. With that in mind, here's a sneak-peek of our latest development, the Android app.

All Hail Android!

They say you’re not supposed to have a favorite child, but the Android application is quickly claiming a special place in our hearts. The soon-to-be-released app will come fully loaded with all-standard control functionality, access to your voicemails and transcriptions, contacts lists, and a beautiful, native UI with our special Cytracom touch. And that’s just in the first release! Soon after, it will come stock with our new Business Messaging service and sync with Cytracom Desktop as well. We know you’re wondering, so here’s a couple shots of the in-development application:

Cytracom Mobile for Android running on Samsung Galaxy

Testing some of the app's call controls

What features will be available?

The application will come with a host of great features which include:

  • Dual Login (use either your extension or username)
  • Advanced Call Controls
  • Call Presence
  • Voicemails
  • Voicemail Transcription
  • Access to In-office and On-device Contacts
  • Call Strategy Preferences
  • Call History
  • User Profiles
  • Profile Management

When is the app available?

Cytracom Mobile for Android is slated to be released in the Google Play store by the end of the year — just in time for Christmas! We know many of you have been anticipating its release, and we couldn’t be more excited to get it in your hands. So stay tuned for news from your Account Manager or keep an eye on the app store to be the first in line to get access to the latest extension of our business phone system.

Thanks for reading! Remember, this newsletter comes out monthly, so we’re happy to answer any questions you might have about a product or feature as well. Send them to us at, and they’ll be considered for upcoming editions.  

Until next time!

Pierce Brantley

VP of Product