The Cytracom Voice - October

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Pierce Brantley
October 31, 2019

Thanks for reading the second volume of The Cytracom Voice! October was a landmark month for us, with a bunch of new releases we think you’ll enjoy.

Business Messaging

The engineering team has been working tirelessly on building the best messaging platform for SMBs ever since we announced it back in April, and we’ve delivered just that: a new way for SMBs to use the medium of messaging. Business Messaging from Cytracom is truly unlike any messaging service you’ve experienced before. Simply put, it’s the power of instant messaging with the flexibility and reach of a phone number. We accomplished this in four key ways:


Rooms offers SMBs the ability to create private conversations and dedicated spaces for things such as teams, projects, or events. Here are some of the highlights:

• You can invite anyone you choose from within the organization
• You can manage who sees the conversation
• You can share large files and documents
• You can archive rooms whose conversations are time-bound
• You can edit a message after it’s been sent

Direct Messages

Direct Messages are the best way to have adhoc conversations with one or more people within your organization. They provide a quick way to get people on the same page and allow conversations to persist indefinitely if the user so chooses.

• You can have a direct message with one person or many
• You can share files
• You can access all your conversations with instant availability
• You can delete them if you wish


Users with a direct phone number can also take advantage of traditional SMS. Why is this so special? It means if someone is not on the Cytracom Network, they won’t need the mobile app or a username to reach out to you. It also means you can respond on any of the Cytracom applications - the choice is up to you.

You can also initiate group conversations with those in or out of the Cytracom Network.
You can send and receive files as well.

But the biggest benefit is that you get to use the phone number you already have —  which means you can keep your business and personal personas separate. Business Messaging from Cytracom truly gives you more reach than any other service like it.

File Sharing

File Sharing within the Cytracom Suite is extremely simple. With the built-in file sharing, you can:

• Receive files from outside of your organization via SMS
• Share large files within Rooms and Direct Messages
• Leave detailed descriptions of your files so users understand their purpose
• In Rooms, you can always revoke access to a file when it’s no longer important

The best thing about all these features is that they are instantly available across both desktop and mobile applications. You can easily start a conversation on one device and pick it up on another. Everything is instantly available.

Desktop App

Cytracom Desktop is now available for anyone to use! Cytracom Desktop is our latest innovation and will soon replace Cliq, our legacy Microsoft Windows tool. Beyond just replacing Cliq, Cytracom Desktop is one of the best ways to use your Cytracom service — it also moves beyond just Windows and can be used on any modern Chrome browser. We designed this application to be a central hub for all the ways you communicate, and over the coming months, it will do just that. Here’s what you can use now in the first release:

• Business Messaging (For C2 Users)
• Click-to-Dial
• Visual Voicemail
• Profiles
• Enhanced Presence Indicators
• Call History

If you haven’t used it yet, why not check it out today? It’s recently been featured in ChannelPro for its innovative text-based messaging capabilities.

You can access and enable Cytracom Desktop within the Integration Hub. Or go to the application directly by visiting and logging in with your credentials.

Two Factor Authentication

Many of you have asked us about the availability of two factor authentication over the last couple of months. As you likely know already, it’s become increasingly important for MSPs to add this additional layer of security to the services they manage for their customers. With this in mind, we’ve rolled out 2FA to the PBX portal. Users can authenticate with an app such as Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator.

In addition, users can also manage active logins via device/IP within their preferences. We believe this added layer of security will be a valuable step in making customers' phone systems more secure and highly encourage our partners to employ it if they haven’t done so already. 2FA is available now for the PBX Portal, with mobile and desktop apps to follow soon after.

Release Notes

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Thanks for reading! We’re excited about this new way to keep you in the loop. With that being said, we want to hear from you too. Seeing as this newsletter comes out monthly, we’re happy to answer specific questions you might have about a product or feature as well. Send them to us at, and they’ll be considered for upcoming editions.  

Until next time!

Pierce Brantley
VP of Product