The Year of Simplifi

2019 was a banner year for Cytracom and its partners. Let's take a look back at everything we achieved together.

Terez Leach
December 16, 2019

As we get ready to tie a bow on 2019, it’s nice to reflect on the past year and everything we’ve accomplished together. Thank you again to all of our wonderful partners who have truly made 2019 a success.

This year, the team at Cytracom focused heavily on scaling and extending our product. Our goal: move from a pure VoIP offering to a comprehensive Unified Communication (UC) solution. We saw the massive market shift to UC in the SMB space, and we knew partners needed a complete voice solution to remain competitive. As with all deliverables at the company, we intentionally focused on what would best help our partners go to market with our solution.

It took an aggressive product roadmap, scaling our internal teams, some late nights—and a lot of heart—but the team pulled off seven MAJOR product releases in 2019: our Cytracom D2 Desk Phone, Cytracom Mobile and Desktop Apps, Business Messaging, Microsoft Office365 Integration, Kaseya BMS Integration, and a new customer proposal generator.

Check out the video below for quick recap of the year:

Now, when partners take Cytracom to a customer, they deliver the ability to connect across platforms and devices. They deliver the flexibility to communicate on their terms. And, they deliver faster time to value and enhanced productivity.

At the end of the day, this year’s product advances make voice easier for MSPs to sell and support. That’s what Cytracom is all about.

Looking Ahead to 2020

As we prepare for the new year, we plan to refine and enhance these products to provide the simplest experience for our partners and their customers. We can’t wait to share our roadmap for the new year with you. Stay tuned for some exciting announcements from Cytracom!

Until then, we’re focused on finishing the year strong and wish you luck in doing the same. Just for fun, here are some thoughts from our team on prepping for the new year:

“Keep looking ahead. Every day is an opportunity to make a difference.” – Mary Signorelli, Vice President of Customer Care

“Continue to hustle and always be thinking about the next big thing. Quality over quantity but it never hurts to have a whole lot of quality if you can manage.” – Dylan Conkle, Site Reliability Engineer of CS and Critical VS

“Plan ahead by months and years, adapt every day.” – Jared Hull, Software Engineer

“Start looking at the 2020 strategy. What are your goals and your plan to hit them? I think you figure that out in 2019 and hit the ground running next year.” - Noah Sessions, Vice President of Marketing

“Finish strong and begin again!!” – Sarah Wise, Partner Development Representative

Never hesitate to reach out to your channel account manager or support if there any anything we can do to help your team. See you next year!