Work Remote with Cytracom Desktop

Cytracom is committed to helping our partners and customers seamlessly transition to remote work environments.

Zane Conkle
March 18, 2020

Our theme this year is Partner Enablement. We know that the events of the last few weeks have put a heavy strain on you, your staff and your customers. To meet the additional demand during this critical time and enable your MSP to best serve your customers, we’ve decided to release a beta version of the Cytracom Desktop app.

We had actually planned to release a new version of the Cytracom Desktop App at our annual Simplifi event on June 2, but the unprecedented Covid-19 situation led us to accelerate development and release it now for all our partners and customers. We know that where possible, businesses are having employees work remotely, and having the right tools to help with that transition is critical.

There are four key items in this release that I would like to highlight:

1) In-app calling
2) In-app faxing
3) Call center
4) Easily invite users

In-app calling - I am excited to release our new softphone. Many partners and customers have requested this feature, and we have been focused on it for a while. Now users can make and receive calls, transfer calls, and enjoy other call-control interactions. This adds more unified communications capabilities to our solution and your portfolio.

In-app faxing - send and receive faxes directly within the Cytracom Desktop App. You no longer need to access other portals or applications for your faxes.  Now, you can easily access all your faxes in one place, see your history, and simply drag and drop the files you need to fax.

Call Center - easily monitor the load and performance of your Call Center queues. Remote call center agents can now use Cytracom Desktop to stay logged in to their call queues—no physical device necessary.

Easily invite users - Administrators can quickly and easily give other users access to the Cytracom Desktop App so they can start calling, messaging, and faxing.

Finally, I want to use this opportunity to say a special thank you to the amazing teams at Cytracom. Each of them have stepped up in a big way, but I would like to specifically highlight those in Product and Engineering, as they have been working night and day to enable the delivery of these new services far ahead of schedule; and those in Support, who have been tirelessly helping our partners and customers navigate these unchartered waters.

I want our partners to know that this team is committed to your success. This team is passionate about doing whatever it takes to ensure you win. Mobilizing this effort did not start from the top-down, but instead, from the bottom-up. This team took it upon themselves to confront this challenge head on and to do what would seemingly be the impossible; and for that, we (our collective partner community) are most grateful.


To access the latest version of Desktop visit: