UC Administrator

Centralized Management Portal

Easily manage all customer accounts and sales activities from one place.

Self-Service Capabilities

Manage your business by tracking sales and outstanding proposals.  Monitor customer status and call quality from our self-service dashboard.

Remote Management

Drive efficient operations by managing all customer accounts from a single pane of glass. Easily configure client implementations and keep them up to date as employees change using remotely programmed speed dials, line keys and more.

Proactively ensure client satisfaction with call quality analytics to proactively identify and track issues and prepare for quarterly business reviews.

Voice Continuity

Voice and messaging is business critical. Protect your clients business from outages, interruptions and degraded quality with voice continuity planning. Reroute calls if power outages occur. Define plans if Internet outages occur with customized automated failover policies.


Enjoy US based help desk support dedicated to simplifying voice for customers.

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